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Plank Flooring Virginia Beach

What is Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has been around since the 1930s. It started as a cheap replacement for hardwood flooring during the housing boom thanks to the baby boomers since the 1930s vinyl flooring has come a long way and is now one of the most popular choices for flooring in the United States.

Vinyl plank flooring looks incredibly realistic and is often mistaken for real hardwood thanks to new engineering feats. Vinyl plank is a lot thicker than the typical vinyl flooring which helps to produce the realistic look.

Plank floors are completely waterproof, which makes plank flooring the perfect choice for locations where water is standard such as the kitchen. Thanks to its structure plank flooring is much easier to install around obstacles as well.

The design of plank flooring gives it several advantages over tradition vinyl and laminate floors. Due to its increased thickness, the plank floor provides much better sound damping and insulation than other synthetic flooring options.

The installation of plank flooring can be done on top of just about any already existing surface. Not only does this save you money but time as well. It will make the installation significantly cleaner as well. Installing plank floor on an already existing surface will increase the insulation and sound deadning.

Installing a plank floor is usually less expensive and helps save the homeowner his or her hard earned money, while still producing a floor that any homeowner can be proud of. The realistic feeling is much easier on the feet and feels like walking on a real wood floor!

Another advantaged of plank flooring is a low effort it takes to repair it. If a plank gets damaged, it is reasonably easy to rip it up and replace a small section. The floor is effortless to clean as well. Most all-purpose cleaners will work great.

What are the Disadvantages of Plank Flooring?

Plank flooring won't automatically increase the resale value of your home the way it would if you choose to install real hardwood or title, but is still a better option than tradition laminate or vinyl. Plank flooring is less scratch resistant that laminate flooring though.

If your floor isn’t level, it can provide some difficulty with installation. Plank flooring is a bit more ridged that traditional laminate. This can cause the planks to become or bounce up in time. A floor can be leveled with a self-leveling mix, but that can get expensive fast. If uneven floors are probable, you can consider using a glued down vinyl plank floor, but this can make removal extremely difficult.

Plank Flooring Virginia Beach

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