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Hand Scraped Flooring Virginia Beach

Hand Scraped Flooring in Virginia Beach

Putting in a new floor in a home can be a stressful experience. With hundreds of options deciding between just one can be a bit overwhelming. As the premier Hand scraped Flooring company in Virginia Beach, this article is designed to make your choice just a bit easier.

What is Hand Scraped Flooring?

Also known as hand sculpted flooring, dating back to the early 1600s. Initially, the process was used to make all the wood panels used in the floor the same thickness so that you wouldn’t stub your toes just walking around in your kitchen. However, due to the technological advances in the 20th century, a  perfectly even laminate or wood floor is easy to achieve. Now hand scrapping is more of an artistic process than a practical one. The method of smoothing each plank with a knife or machine leaves marks and notches in the planks. Of course, being humans, the people who scrapped the wood started to leave marks in an artistic style. Homeowners now have choices between the level of hand scraping they want. Beginning with no texture a homeowner can choose laminate or smooth planks and achieve a high gloss finish, or a homeowner can go so far as to buy planks that have fake worm holes, splits, and knots in the wood or anywhere in between the two. An advantage of hand scrape wood is its ability to naturally hide scrapes, knicks, or blemishes that typically occur during a floor’s lifetime.  Hand scraped wood gives a home a much more welcoming and warming feeling according to many customers.

Is hand scrapping more expensive?

As with a lot of Home Improvement projects, an investment in hand scraped flooring is undoubtedly just that, an investment.  However, the price difference between a smooth real wood floor and a hand scraped one aren’t that significant.  While hardscaped planks vary significantly in the price, they start around $3.50per square foot, whereas a smooth finished hardwood plank will start about $2.  If a homeowner doesn't want hardwood, they can find a laminate floor for around $1 a square foot. Either way, putting in a new floor is going to cost quite a bit of money.  The advantages of a hardwood floor are its durability. A high-quality hardwood floor is easier to clean and harder to damage. These floors can end up lasting for generations. An added advantage of hand scraped hardwood floors is their ability to hind naturally occurring damage. Due to the textured nature of a hand-scraped plank, another notch or scrape will look just like another happy accident.

How to Care for Hand Scraped Floors?

Although hardwood floors generally require very little maintenance. Refinishing a hand scraped wood floor is hardly ever necessary. However, it is still a good idea to perform some preventative maintenance.  Vacuum the floor about once a week. Vacuuming the floor will prevent debris from being ground into the wood.  Make sure to clean any spills immediately. Finally, wash the floors only occasionally. When cleaning the floors make sure to use only a small amount of water. The floors should dry quickly.  If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us we would love to talk to you about what new floor will fit your home best!

Hand Scraped Flooring Virginia Beach

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